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Coming Back for 2023!!  
            WRCA Youth Ranch Rodeo,  June 24, 2023


CCRR is proud to host a World Championship Qualifier for the WRCA Youth Ranch Rodeo! This will be the only one in Colorado!

Teams will consist of 5 kids, ages 5-16.  Each team member must have a Youth WRCA Membership prior to the rodeo.  The total collective age of all kids may not exceed 65.  Events will be similar to those done in regular ranch rodeo. The point of the youth event is to display just how handy these kids are.  They are the future of ranch rodeo and there is no better way for them to learn than to just do it!  The Champion team will be invited to compete at the WRCA World Championships in November.

Events include Team Branding, Team Doctoring,

Trailer Loading,Number Sorting and Wild Steer Race.

ENTRY FORM               RULES

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